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After 44 years in the music, recording and broadcast industry I am now throwing in the towel. I am tired of working with people that have motives other than mine then to make matters even worse having my efforts totally ignored. The most recent example being the six months I spent recording, editing and producing Together for the Good by Aaron Greer Band only to end up NOT BEING PAID for my time. I can not live on nothing as I too have bills to pay. As of December 31st, 2005 I am no longer accepting any more projects from anyone and am giving serious thought to retiring from the music scene. If at some time in the future I decide to take on any more projects it will be on a pay in advance agreement only. I am sorry to see it end this way but enough is enough. To everyone who I have met over the years, keep in mind that your future will be determined by how you treated others that worked hard to get you to where you are now.


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